Brocton High School / Middle School

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Contact List
High School Principal
Elizabeth Antonlina
(716) 792-2190
Laurie Skinner
(716) 792-2189
School Nurse
Jennifer Rammelt
(716) 792-2146

Brocton Central School Students in grades 6-12 benefit from a highly qualified instructional staff and individualized instruction.

Core subjects and electives, including distance learning, are taught in classroom laboratories and renovated educational spaces designed to meet program requirements.

Partnerships with Fredonia State University and Jamestown Community College enable students to earn college credit before high school graduation.

Classroom computer laboratories, both Mac and Windows, available for “hands-on” instruction and projects. Job shadowing, internships and independent studies enrich the educational program and assist in career preparation. There are extensive opportunities for students to become involved in extra-curricular activities and organizations throughout the school and the community. The Brocton Review, the student newspaper, has received state and national awards for writing, photography, design and content.

A strong athletic program has been enhanced by the addition of a new gymnasium and locker rooms, as well as extensive field and pool renovations.