On Wednesday, January 31st, Brocton Elementary School celebrated its character education assembly. Twelve students were chosen as Students of the Month representing grades K-5.  These students demonstrated the trait of Honesty/Integrity on a daily basis.  The following students were chosen as Students of the Month for January:


    Barry Wells – Barry was selected for his quiet but honest personality.  He frequently displays helpful and kind manners towards his classmates and school community.  Even if Barry makes a mistake he takes ownership of his mistake.  He is the first to apologize and admit his error.


    Jordan Lindstron – Jordan is a very nice little boy who works hard and does his best.  He is kind, honest and a good friend.  He follows school rules and is always respectful towards others.

    Mia Delcamp – Mia is a very responsible child.  She is always focused, completes work when asked, and is not distracting to other students.


    Anthony Zappie – Anthony is an honest person who admits when he makes mistakes and takes responsibility for his actions.  He is a person of integrity who truly tries to do the right thing even when no one is watching.


    Brennan Feeley – Brennan is a very honest and trustworthy student.  She makes good decisions and treats everyone with kindness.

    Jonathan Head – Jonathan tells the truth and knows the difference between right and wrong.

    Lillianna DeJesus Guishard – Lillianna is a very kind and caring student.  She works to the best of her ability in everything she does.  Lillianna also shows kindness and compassion towards her fellow classmates.

    Quentin Rusbuldt –  Quentin is arriving on time this year at his request instead of dragging his feet.  When he is here he is very hard working and focused on his work.


    Alex Pfleuger – Alex is always forthcoming (good or bad).  He is a wonderful example of being truthful and facing consequence when he does something wrong.  He is trustworthy when speaking with teachers and peers.


    Andrew Reed – Andrew is a model student.  He is trustworthy and can be relied upon to get tasks accomplished independently.  Andrew is a very honest student and displays this character trait every day.


    Joseph Watson – Joey is very kind and generous to his teachers and peers. He is an honest boy and a hard worker.  He enjoys school and is a pleasure to have a class.


    Christopher Coburn – Chris has been working really hard on following the rules of the school and the classroom.  He has had to make some difficult choices and has made me really proud.  He can make anyone smile on any given day.January Student of the Month