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Parent Teacher Student Association
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Kristin Zappie 
Joleen Becker
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Welcome to the Brocton Central School

Parent Teacher Student Association Website

The PTSA was formed to create a sense of community and cooperation
between the parents and faculty of Brocton. With continued parent,
teacher and student participation plus events we hope to make an impact
on BCS and the community. With dedication, effort and time, we have
hopes for great things at Brocton Central 


                                                                  Officers for 2016-2017 are: Kristin Zappie, President
                                                                                                                 Dawn Bates, Secretary
                                                                                                                 Jolene Becker, Treasurer 

                                        Next meeting of PTSA is being held November 9th at 6:00 pm 


   Some of the events sponsored throughout the school year include...
Red Ribbon Week, recognizing Drug and Alcohol Prevention, School Bus Safety Week, PTSA members assist in a bus emergency evacuation during the morning drop off, Fire Prevention Week, Santa's Secret Workshop, every child will get the opportunity to buy gifts for their families and friends at our inexpensive sale .
Our two other big events of the year are PARP (Parents As Reading Partners) which falls during two weeks in March and Field Day in June . The PTSA are proud to host several special events for our faculty too including in-service day lunches and teacher appreciation gifts. Nurse's Day, and Retirees are also recognized .
The Transportation Dept gets recognition during School Bus Safety Week for their wonderful efforts in getting our children to and from school safely .

Your Help

As with all our events we look for your help and ideas to make them more fun for the kids, by joining the PTSA and coming to the meeting you'll be able to make these bigger and better events each year.
Annual membership is $5 per person.

PTA Mission Statement

The New York State Congress of Parents and Teachers ( NYS PTA) recognizes that every child deserves excellence in education and in quality of life. NYS PTA will maintain its commitment and service to all children and to its diverse membership through increased parent and community awareness, advocacy, education and involvement.
Adapted by New York State PTA Board of Managers August 10, 1990.