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6th Sci:  Ch. 11 Test Thursday 10/12 
7th Sci:  Ch. 15 Test Tuesday 10/3 
6th Sci:  Vocab Quiz 11-1,11-2,11-3   Wednesday 9/27
Bio  9th  Ch. 28 Test  Tuesday 9/26 
 6th Grade Science                7th Grade Life Science                                9th Grade Non-Regents Biology
Materials needed for the school year 2015-2016:
6th Grade-Book and folder will be provided.  Please have an extra notebook and plenty of writing utensils for class.  Book, folder, notebook, and pencil are needed in class each day!
7th Grade-Students should have a notebook and pencils.  Book, notebook, folder, and pencil needed in class each day!  Book and folder will be provided.
Biology: Text/workbook is provided.  Workbook and writing utensil needed every day.