• Mrs. Frost
    Room 135 
    Contact Information:
    Voice Mail: 792 - 2135
    General Classroom Information:
    Lunch is 12 - 12:30  
    Specials: We have Gym every morning - please be sure that your child has the proper footwear.
    Monday - Art with Mrs. Gawronski
    Tuesday - Music with Mrs. Bohn        
    Wednesday - Library with Mrs. Becker
    Thursday - Art               
    Friday - Music 
    Birthdays are celebrated in our room. If you would like to send in a treat please send in prepackaged treats along with the label as we have children with allergies and I will need to read the ingredient list.
    Classroom Philosophy: Every child has their own special way of learning. My joy in life is to find each individual child's way of learning and encourage their learning to the fullest extent by using many different seating and learning styles.