Class of 2025
Mr. Purcell's Shark Tank News 
This year I expect all students to come into my classroom with open minds and new thoughts. Together we will create new attitudes and ideas.
Things to know:
September 19-Open House 6-7pm
Agendas are filled out on a daily basis and students should be writing everything down and bringing everything home, whether it is completed or not!
 If there is no homework then that should be written as well. All
three fifth grade teachers will also be signing agendas daily. 
Hopefully, you will utilize this website to keep informed of what your child might 'forget' to bring home or share with you!
 In school, in sports and in life always remember:
"Just because something is hard doesn't mean you shouldn't try,
 it simply means you need to try harder."
 "Working together to put the pieces together!"
Contact Information:
Mr. Purcell
Room #127
Telephone 792-2127
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